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Brendan has been playing the saxophone and piano for over 36 years and has been featured in numerous bands and organizations over the years including rock bands, big bands, jazz combos, and yes even country bands.  Brendan Thorpe is a native of Utah in the greater Salt Lake area.  As a youth he began writing music, performing with the local Jazz Band, and playing gigs with various rock bands.  As he continued in his higher educational pursuits, he managed to maintain a challenging parallel course of action, studying both civil engineering and music theory at the University of Utah. Over twenty years later he still practices as a professional engineer, and continues to expand his influence in the local entertainment and music business.  When he is not designing public infrastructure, you can find him in the studio, writing and producing, and of course doing what he loves most, performing live at various venues and events.

Brendan has continued a successful parallel career in the professional engineering world, and as a solo performing artist, showcasing his talents and skills as an accomplished sax man.  Although Brendan’s roots are securely based in the traditional jazz genre, he has unmistakably broadened and expanded his musical presence.  His performances are full of modern instrumentation, big electric base lines, and straightforward rhythms.

In addition to his solo accomplishments, Brendan also enjoys performing with the local band, FLASHBACK.  Brendan is featured on a number of familiar tunes ranging from the 50s to current time period.

In 2016, Brendan released his debut album entitled, …JUST LIKE I SAID,  The album is masterfully arranged, managing a combination of several different genres (jazz, pop, funk, and straight-up rock & roll).  Brendan has successfully molded upbeat moods with strong “in your face” drum beats and chest thumping base lines, contrasted with otherworldly piano/sax ballads that have an emotional dynamic range with a mysterious undercurrent. Brendan caps off each song with terrific hooky main themes and memorable melodies that bring you back again and again

 “One of the best instrumentals we’ve heard so far this year…”

                                                                                       ̶  SongDoor International Songwriting


His album has been a great success and has received acclaim.  Shortly after release, the lead track “Rocket” was nominated at the Utah Music Awards and won “Best Instrumental”.

“There was almost no contest…" Thorpe was up against local artists who reached number 2 on the 100 billboard chart. "...but man this guy [Thorpe] had some funk”.

                                                                                      ̶  Warren Workman, Founder of the Utah Music Awards


Brendan’s album was well taken to the airwaves receiving spins on both internet and conventional radio stations throughout the eastern United States, including stations like WCNI in New London, Connecticut, and WJMX-DB Boston – Global Radio. 


 “The project is a GREAT MASTERPIECE, we love it!!!”

                                                                                     ̶  Jeffrey Moses, President & CEO

                                                                                        WJMX-DB Smooth Jazz Boston

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